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The Last Shania Twain Tour Is Happening In 2015 Get Concert Tickets Soon!

This is the last tour of her career and she’s already been forced to add more shows to her schedule because her previously scheduled dates are selling out so fast. You have to get your concert tickets soon if you want to guarantee you’ll be able to attend her show.

All Scheduled Shania Twain Dates For 2015 Below

You can see a list of every show that she is going to play in 2015 and 2016 right here. Simply scroll down and find a show in your area.

Latest Shania Twain Concert News And Updates

Many of her fans are going to be in disbelief, but Shania is putting on her final farewell series of concerts in 2015. 2015 and 2016 are going to be the last time you might ever see her perform on the big stage. She’s definitely not bluffing either, or using this as a marketing gimmick in order to sell more tickets. If you know anything about Twain, you know that it’s quite rare you’ll see her go on long tours all over the country.

Fans have already been waiting 10 years for her to hop in a bus and start going all over the country to play in all of the nation’s biggest cities. After such a long wait, it’s easy to believe that in the twilight of her career, we are probably not going to see her visit so many places again. On the positive side though, she’s pulling out all the stops and is going to be making this the most spectacular shows she’s ever put on.

She is already 49 years of age. It was in 2004 that she took to the road and played shows for fans all over the country. It’s not like she stopped performing because she wanted to though, her vocal cords had been giving her a lot of trouble throughout these past 10+ years. Many of these difficulties come from dealing with a messy divorce, most of the information which is yet to be disclosed.

Her Final Farewell

Just because she hasn’t been on the road, doesn’t mean that she hasn’t been performing live at any point during the last 10 years. Caesar’s Palace casino was lucky enough to have her as a regular performer. She played there for about two years, so she’s not rusty at all. By attending her show, you’ll be able to see a veteran performer at the top of her game.

She has named her brand-new tour the “Rock This Country Tour”. So far she has scheduled shows in over 50 cities in the USA. She’s also planning to play several shows in Canada. She has yet to begin her tour, which is going to start in June and she will be playing her first concert in Seattle Washington. She will be going all over the place, from the West all the way over to the East Coast in all the cities in between, so there’s definitely no lack of chances to see her show if you want to.

Venue’s Only The Stars Can Play

She’s even going to be playing venues like to be Madison Square Garden. Normally it takes a major league sporting event to fill up this place, but Shania Twain is confident that she’s going to sell the place out all by herself. She’s also going to be going to the Prudential Center in Newark New Jersey, another extremely large venue which only the top stars can fill out by themselves. She’s also going to be celebrating her 50th birthday while she is on tour, she’s going to turn 50 in August!

This is your chance to see a country star of which there are only a handful in the world right now.

She’s sold almost 80,000,000 albums all over the earth.

There’s few country singers I can say that. You don’t need to worry about her stopping her music career altogether just because she’s not going to play any concerts after this anymore. Once she’s done with the rock this country tour, she is going to keep putting the finishing touches on her brand-new album.

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Here she is performing live for all her fans!

You definitely don’t want to miss a star like this on her farewell tour. She will be playing material from some of her newer albums, along with the classic hits from all her older albums she’s put out throughout all these years.

You can get your tickets near the top of the page. We’ve listed every day that she is going to play in the list will be constantly updated with every new show that she announces, if there are any. You’ll definitely want to act fast because these shows are selling out like hotcakes.

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